They Might Be Napping (2008)
Choreographed by Jessica Nicoll and Barry Oreck
Music by Steve Reich, Edith Piaf, George Freidrich Handel, the Hollies, Ken Nordine, Suzanne Vega
Sound collage by Barry Oreck
Length: 20:00

In They Might Be Napping the personal is the political –things we ignore, things we forget, how we wiggle and spin what we don’t want to face. The performance unfolds in a series of absurd exchanges and shifting realities that highlight Nicoll + Oreck’s “gift for social commentary of the sustained loopiness variety” (Louise Sunshine ,Gowanus Wildlife Review). With an inventive use of props and the ability to create illusions with everyday objects the audience is drawn into a gliding and floating reality where nothing is quite as it seems. Video Excerpt