World Dance Reviews
Nicoll + Oreck (with Durkin plus Livingston and anonymous techies) are presenting work at the Fringe that varies from stillness, to minimalism, to huge movements that move through almost absolute chaos. The chaos always returns to a minimal, or even absolutely still places to both frame the chaos and let their audiences “rest.” All of the performers have an awe-inspiring presence, project their voices to the back row of the audience, have an exquisite sense of timing, and facial expressions that read perfectly from far away. Read the full review

Online reviews from the 2007 Boulder Fringe Festival
my favorite fringe show thus far. the 24 years these two have danced together is evident in the way they share the stage…a rare example of equality and symbiosis. The choreography is refreshingly bizarre, clear and hilarious. This is the kind of work that makes me proud of the lineage of contemporary dance-theatre. Read all of the reviews

Gowanus Wildlife Review
Nicoll + Oreck’s “Hic + Nunc,” belongs to the movement theater tradition (!) of groups like The Talking Band and Otrabanda and shares their gift for social commentary of the sustained loopiness variety.  Read the full review